Book Discription

Released Date : February 11, 2014

Twenty-one-year-old Jodie’s life in New York City is a delicate balancing act between school, job, and the ever-looming threat of bankruptcy.

Garret Lyons is an up-and-coming rock star whose carefree lifestyle is everything that Jodie’s isn’t.

She never thought she’d be anywhere near him. Never thought she’d be with anyone like him. Never thought she’d have anything to do with him.

Until she sees him in concert. Until she finds herself irresistibly drawn by the raw magnetism of his voice. Until she is tempted by the delicious prospect of his freedom.

But Jodie is treading a dangerous line. The closer she dances to the fire of Garret’s world, the further she strays away from her own delicate balancing act. And soon, she discovers that freedom may come with a price…

Full length New Adult contemporary romance

Recommended reading age 18+


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