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Released Date : February 12, 2014

Her father’s done everything to keep her out of the violent world of bikers, but all Ellie Thorn wants is in…

Ellie Thorn and Rex Pershing have been friends since they were children. It was about the only thing their fathers–presidents of two rivaling outlaw biker gangs–could agree on: whatever rivalries between their motorcycle clubs may have didn’t extend to the children.

But that was ten years ago.

Rex is starting to realize that the chubby girl he’d known all these years ago has become a beautiful, sexy woman in her own right. Likewise, Ellie has been eyeing Rex with some less-than-holy thoughts of her own. She wants him, his smile that made her heart flutter on sight, his strong tatted body, and his devil-may-care attitude.

But when Rex’s father Manny Pershing–founder and president of the Siouxan Brothers–comes home from San Bernadino county after ten years and hell-bent on winning back the territories his club ceded to Ellie’s father Xander, both Rex and Ellie will find that the agreement their fathers made when the two were children is no longer valid. Can their love survive the bitter grudges of their fathers?


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